Villa Anagennisis

A comfortable, ground floor property of 80m², resting on top of a 16.500 sq.m² private, fenced land.

Where Comfort meets the Ultimate Privacy

A Villa for Rent in Skopelos

Wake up with the sounds of the sea echoing from our beach. Rejuvenate your senses and start your day as you have always dreamt off.  

Our ancestors used this place as a small farm house.

As an occasional weekend retreat.

It was a place of Rebirth for them. A place of total, mind and body detox.

Combine beautiful Nature with the deep Blue of the Aegean Sea all around you.

A beach where you can totally unwind just 2 minutes away – and you will Redifine what true Relaxation feels like. 

Skopelos Villas - Villa Anagennisis

Exterior Spaces

Villa Anagennisis

Approaching the property, you immediately get a great sense of Privacy and Independency. A 50 meter drive winds down off the main road and leads to the spacious entrance of Villa Anagennisis. 

You can easily drive straight into the property’s private parking area. 

This is where you get the first glimpse of the sweeping sea views to the front of the villa. 

Feel free to walk around our Orchard full of fruit trees. Explore nature and indulge in any of our organic fruits. Depending on the month of your visit and the season, you can enjoy our plums, grapes, lemons and oranges, figs and mandarins. 

Ultimate Serenity

Villa Anagennisis

The round dinning table and chairs, at the centre-front of the villa, will offer you shade and place you to the middle of the panorama that unfolds before your eyes. 

The deep Blue colours immediately calm the senses. The sounds of nature complement the scenic surroundings. 

The sitting areas to the side and front of the villa were strategically placed to offer you countless hours of Calmness and Inspiration. 

The loungers and umbrella are placed to the side, open area, where you can get most of the sun throughout the day. 

Relax away at Villa Anagennisis - About the Villa

Outdoor Dinning

Villa Anagennisis

The beautifully-built BBQ area has all the amenities and spaces you need to offer a full Sunday roast with all the family. 

In the evenings, enjoy a BBQ night under the stars where zero light pollution makes the Milky Way as vivid as watching it under a dome. 

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Relax away at Villa Anagennisis - About the Villa

Villa Anagennisis - Details

There are three entrances to Villa Anagennisis. 

The first side entrance can get you direct access to one of the two bedrooms.

Skopelos Villa for Rent - Villa AnagennisisThe 2nd side entrance, which is the main entrance leads you to the open plan kitchen and dinning area. 

Through the 3rd entrance, at the front of the villa, you can access the living room with T.V. 

All the windows and doors have been placed in order to give you the maximum of natural day light.

Mosquito nets have been installed throughout so you can take advantage of the sea breeze during day or night. 

A mix of, carefully-selected, modern amenities and furniture, have been used in combination with more traditional interior items inside the villa. Skopelos Villas - Villa Anagennisis - InterirorsThis directly reflects the building’s past usage as a farmhouse, without compromising today’s comforts. 

This is where you immediately see a traditional, Skopelitiko, hand-crafted, wooden couch with authentically embroidered covers. While it is a signature furniture of local tradition, it is fully functional as well. 

Although we encourage outdoor dining, you can still use the wooden, round dining table and chairs. 

There is a  fully-equipped kitchen that will cover all your cooking needs while on holiday here. 

A washing machine is also built-in here to cover all your laundry needs.

A traditional fireplace compliments the corner of this room 

There are two full, en-suite bedrooms in Villa Anagennisis. 

Skopelos Villa for Rent - Villa AnagennisisBoth bedrooms have ample space with air-condition.

Both master and 2nd bedrooms have double beds and closets. We have also provided a baby cot in the 2nd bedroom. 

Both bathrooms have spacious shower cabins with hydro-massage units. Ceramic quality tiles cover all surfaces in both en-suite bathrooms prioritising maximum hygienic levels.  

A comfortable corner sofa is placed here next to large-paned windows. Skopelos Villas _Villa Anagennisis-Sitting RoomThe magnificent view is visible while you can be relaxing and enjoying a movie on the satellite T.V. 

The featured, corner display, made by local craftsmen, is typical of the Skopeliti culture, displaying beautiful ceramic plates and other crafted items. 

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