The Deep Blue

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Villa Anagennisis

The Beach

Villa Anagennisis

It’s not often you can encounter a property with its own Beach, (semi-private). 

A privileged Location

Just a short walk down from Villa Anagennisis, (200 meters), a path will lead you to a great, natural beach. Don’t expect loungers, umbrellas or a beach hat here. 

This is a fenced, 16.500 sq m² private land. Just you, the virgin natural surroundings, a pebbly beach and the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Anagenissis Beach

Your own Private Heaven awaits you

Skopelos Beaches - Anagennisis Beach - Villa Anagennisis

Snorkelling - Scuba Diving?

This rocky seabed offers some great snorkeling opportunities for kids as well as adults. 

Get your flippers and masks ready. Explore some of the richest Mediterranean underwater life this part of the Aegean has to offer.  

Take it a step further and explore this extraordinary diving spot.

You can either rent some scuba diving gear or book a private Diving session from Skopelos Dive Centre

Interested in getting PADI certified while on vacation here or advance your diving skills? Their Panormos beach diving school would be an ideal place to start. 

Skinny Dipping?

Yes you can! Take advantage of the quietness and isolation this north-east corner of Skopelos offers you and work on a full-body tan. 


We are true to our claims in calling this a ‘semi-private beach’. There are no private shores under Greek law. This means that you may see a  boat or a yacht docking nearby for a few hours. 

3 Additional Beaches less than 1km apart from Villa Anagennisis

What else could you ask for?

Other near by Beaches

Beaches of Skopelos - North-East side

Perivoliou Beach

This is one of the 2 closest beaches from Villa Anagennisis. With just 550 meters apart, you can either walk or drive there.

It has become a semi organised beach, since there are only a few sun beds on the main part of this shore, while the 2nd part is not serviced. The owners of the canteen have gracefully transformed the area above the beach while respecting the beautiful nature around it. The sitting areas have been  placed under the shades of trees, just above the beach making this area a chilled-out paradise. 

550 m from premises
Skopelos Beaches - Perivoliou Beach
Skopelos Beaches - Perivoliou Beach
Skopelos Beaches - Pethameni Beach - Villa Anagennisis
Skopelos Beaches - Perivoliou Beach - Villa Anagennisis

Pethameni Beach

You can drive or take a leisurely walk to this beach. The chances are you will be totally alone in this smaller cove. 

The path is longer to reach the actual beach but it’s a great mini hike, adding to the sense of adventure. Your children will love the feeling of wander.

The landscape is almost identical to the Beach of Villa Anagennisis. 

600 m from premises

Chondrogiorgi Beach

Longer than Pethameni Beach, this beautiful shore with its fine shingles, is a little more known to the savvy explorer. There is a parking area if you decide to drive there.

Great for snorkelling and diving. with many small coves to explore and catch a glimpse of Meditteranean sea life.

A much wider and small path will lead you straight to the beach. 

750 m from premises
Skopelos Beaches - Chondrogiorgi Beach - Villa Anagennisis
Skopelos Beaches - Chondrogiorgi Beach - Villa Anagennisis
Skopelos Beaches - Mamma Mia Beach - Villa Anagennisis
Skopelos Beaches - Mamma Mia Beach - Villa Anagennisis

Mamma Mia Chapel & Beach

We couldn’t exclude the place where Hollywood Stars paraded, climbed and sweated to make the original Mamma Mia Movie. It shares, after all, the same shoreline with Villa Anagennisis and our Beach, just a few kilometres further south.

A great day out and two wonderful beaches to explore and snorkel.

Feeling too tired after the climb? Just relax on the first cove, lay back on one of the loungers with a cool drink and watch the world go by.

8,8 km from premises

Distances from Villa Anagennisis